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Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives + Warrior Rising Boxing
Award-winning stage culture performance and live Muay Thai fights

Muay Thai Live at Asiatique The Riverfront, Warehouse 4

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Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives

Muay Thai Live illustrates the exquisite combat art of Thai boxing, as an enthralling stage show that promises the most spectacular and one-of-a-kind experience one that brings audiences closer to the truest art form of Thai boxing show. Muay Thai Live takes you back in time to experience the legend of Thai boxing from its history and its development, to become an art that protects the nation. The show simulates the real-life boxing ring which captures the original ambiance, and walks the audiences through different times of Thai

boxing from its ancient time, the original form of Thai boxing to its imaginative version that has stood the test of time. Experience the original spirit of Thai boxing and enjoy a powerful, exquisite art performance under the production of Thailand’s top talents in Muay Thai.

 Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives is a stage production that unveils the untold stories of the origins and heroes of Thailand’s revered martial art, Muay Thai. The award-winning show chronicles the historical milestones of Muay Thai, against the richness of the country’s amazing cultural backdrop, and spanning over 300 years. This epic live stage performance is presented through a stellar combination of fights, stunts, drama, music, and electrifying light and sound effects.

Languages: English/Thai with English, Chinese, and Japanese subtitles Show Time: 8pm from Tuesday – Sunday, no performance on Monday Venue: The Stage, Asiatique The Riverfront
Duration: 45 minutes Suitable for all audiences

Five Acts of the show - Chronicles 300 years of Muay Thai

Like a Thai boxing match, Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives are divided into five acts presenting the story of Thai boxing heroes through live performances. In addition to the “no- stunt” act, the performance is full of excitement with the combination of Thai swords and other ancient weapons mixed with stunt techniques, special effects, extreme sports and exquisite Thai classical performance art.

Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives presents key historical events of Thai boxing that covers a timeline of 300 years. Audiences will be introduced to Thai boxing heroes from the past to the present days namely The Tiger in Disguise”, “The Prisoner with Eight Limbs”, “The Warrior with Broken Swords” , “The Passion Fighter” and many more.

Act I: The Tiger in Disguise

Dating back to the early time of Ayudhaya period, a mysterious man appears among the lively crowd at a local fair bustled with festive activities such as performances, ancient dances and traditional games. The situation comes to a twist that leads to a duel between the mysterious man and the village’s top three fighters with three different fighting skills. Who is this mysterious man? Why is his fight different from others?

The first act is inspired by the legend of “Tiger King” (Phrachao Seu), the 30th King of the Ayudhaya period who was greatly fond of Thai boxing and hailed as the King of Thai boxing.

Act II: The Prisoner with Eight Limbs

The sound of cannon balls and the smoke from the fire that set Ayudhaya ablaze still fill the air. A number of Thai warriors are taken hostage by the enemy. Among the hostages is a renowned warrior who is known for his superior boxing skill and swift move as if he had eight limbs. To prove his unmatchable skill, the man is released in order to join a duel with fighters who are best known for their ruthlessness and savage fights with the use of ancient weapons such as a giant axe, a lance, a club and a dagger. Will the hero-turned-hostage be able to subdue these enemies?

The second act is based on the legend of Nai Khanom Tom, Thai warrior whose boxing skill is unmatchable. A monument was erected in Ayutthaya to honor his mastery in Thai boxing.

Act III: The Warrior with Broken Swords

With the collapse of Ayudhaya, Thai people are dispersed and scattered. The enemy keeps its offensive move with the hope to take other cities of Siam into its custody. At one of the most aggressive battles in the history, a warrior who fights with both swords in his hands leads the army of soldiers to defend the city. At the climax, one of his swords is broken by the attack of the enemy. Despite the broken sword, the warrior fights on using different parts of his body as a shield and a weapon until a turn-of-the-event incident happens in the middle of the battle. What will happen to the broken-sword warrior? What does the man gain from such loss?

The third act is based on the legend of Phraya Pichai Daab Hak, a renowned fighter with two swords and rare, unique boxing move that can hardly be seen in the later generations.

Act IV: The Modern Action Hero

When the son of a police chief sees the girl he loves kidnapped by thugs seeking revenge for his father's actions in service of the law, our action hero has no other choice but to bring his other passion in life, Muay Thai, to the rescue. Such is the beginning for the man who has to turn his fascination in Thai boxing into a weapon to rescue the love of his life. Will the action hero succeed?
The fight in this act is intensified and made more rigorous with the combination of stunt techniques and other martial arts such as parkour, free-running and tricking.

Act V: Muay Thai Forever

 No matter how long it has passed and whichever format Thai boxing has been presented and gone through; three things about Thai boxing that never change: respect for teachers and ancestors, sacrifice for family, and honor the country’s dignity.

In this final act, all the cast will perform with the “Wai Kru” movement that pays respect to Thai boxing masters - an art form that has been passed on since the ancient time. Hailed as one of Thailand’s unique and most beautiful boxing dance moves, the “Wai Kru” movement wins respect and awe among people around the globe.

Added feature: Warrior Rising (Live Muay Thai boxing)

Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives is followed by Warriors Rising two bouts of live Muay Thai boxing matches that are mentored by Muay Thai Grand Master Kru Sane Tubtimtong. The fighters are both local and international, and represent various gyms around Bangkok.
Duration: 30 minutes, 9:00-9:30pm, Tuesday – Sunday Venue: The Stage, Asiatique The Riverfront

History of Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives

In the past, tourists who came to Thailand may only see their destinations at the beach, in the mountain or at the waterfall. They seemed to focus on the physical places. Today, travelers start to look for something that they can participate in. They start to look for some kind of activities that are more people-oriented; one of such activities is Thai boxing. The art of Thai boxing is already an attraction among tourists since they can participate by taking a boxing class; such is a way for them to learn more in depth about Thailand. As such, we started to shift our interest from focusing on the number of tourists to the quality of income we can generate. What can we do to bring about such quality? We need to seek for tourists who have specific interests, stay longer and spend more especially the kind that is interested in Thai culture. This is what we are presenting: a presentation of Thai ancient culture through the “Muay Thai Live” performance which shows the story of the fight dating back to the era of King Tiger who fought with bare hands. Unlike other martial arts that rely on weapons, we only have our body as our shield; we have hands, feet, elbows, knees, calves, head, etc. Every part of our body can be used as a weapon. We think this is the charm of Thai ancient boxing art which will be captured in totality in the show “Muay Thai Live”. It is spectacular, stunning and beautiful as well as original and true to the Thai ancient martial art form.

We would like to invite the Thai people to come and see our hard-working effort to bring you the best performance that exalts our Thai culture and brings pride to us all for our long- standing cultural heritage. This may also want you to invite your friends to this special performance as we have cast the performers who are the cream of the crop in their class and excel in Thai boxing, swordplay as well as other acting and performing skills such as stunts, Thai classical dance, Khon dance, free-running or tricking. This will be a stunning and dazzling performance that will meet the audiences’ expectation as well as the world standard.

Top-class Production Team

The performance of Muay Thai Live brings together the production crew of high-caliber; each stands out and shines with his and her unparalleled skill and expertise. They come together to create and bring out the best show to take the local production to the global standard.

Pool of Thailand’s Top Talents

A cast of 16 talented young men and two women were finely selected to join the production team of Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives in a nation-wide casting call. The performers have gone through intensive auditions where they are required to show all kinds of fighting skills.


Led by a Golden Suphanahong award-winning actor and championship professional boxer, Uttaporn Suwan from the film Beautiful Boxer, the cast is full of exceptional members which include Samran Malaithaisong a Thai national championship boxer who started boxing at the age of eight; Nerun Sreesun an actor who performed the stunt act for Ananda Everingham in the movie Red Eagle; Worapoj Thuantanon, a young national gymnast who has an extensive experience in action coaching and fight designing for many Thai and international films; Pakarsit Ruxsiri a sword-play champion who won six years in a row at the Department of Physical Education; Nopparit Sribut former member of Special Forces of the Royal Thai Marine Corps who volunteered to perform his duty in the three southern- most provinces; and Kajornpong Pornpisoot, Thai classical artist who has travelled around the glove to promote Thai culture and nephew of a veteran artist of the Department of Fine Arts. Wut Kulawat, an aficionado in “tricking”, a type of the most-adrenaline pumping extreme sports; Putthipong Suntinuntaruk a free-running lover who excels in levitating and doing a powerful jump; Rungroj Pawamongkolchai a pretty-face stunt actor and protégé of Noom Nerun who acted in a stunt job for hottest stars such as Pae Arak, James Mar and Ken Thiradech; Nanthaphop Seehanon a young artist who is cast as a stunt actor in a Hong Kong-production vampire movie Rigor Mortis; Jettarat Sahananporn, a graduate in economics who has a passion for fitness exercise and free fighting art.

Krit Treeworasrikul, a most sought-after stunt actor who is dubbed as tough and rough and seems to enjoy the risky roles. Despite having a hearing impairment, Krit’s passionate performance always outshines others. SongkiatSae Tang an apt fighter from Suphan Buri and a lover of Thai classical dance who performed before the royal family and in honor of Princess Maha Chakri as well as other state guests such as a US president and President of Kenya. The only two women among their male fighter counterparts are Paritporn Chantaruthai an acting major college student who has been cast in several commercial ads and plays; and lastly, Mookmanee Srivichai from Lampang who has fallen in love with the ultra-feminine art like Thai classical dance and a manly act like martial arts.

Creative Team

·         Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives is produced and directed by Ekachai Uekrongtham, award-winning director from the movie Beautiful Boxer and the critically acclaimed play Chang & Eng the Musical. Ekachai tops Asia Week’s Top 20 Asian leaders of the millennium in art, culture, and society.
·         All the Thai boxing movements are trained and designed by Kru Sane Tubtimthong, a Thai boxing master with a renowned name that is widely recognized both in domestic and international scenes.
·         The dance in the play is choreographed by Kanyarat Napasab who previously worked with director Ekachai in the play titled Lom Hai Jai the Musical based on the music of Boyd Kosiyapong.

·         The set and stage design is the work of Thoranisorn Pitikul whose portfolio range from domestic to international productions including a famous musical Chang & Eng that had been performed across Asia.
·         The music behind the show is composed by Papassilp Kitawongwat Suphanahong
–award-winning composer from the movie Samurai Ayodhaya and songwriter  of many hit tunes of Thailand’s leading artists such as Noona Neungthida, Namcha Cheeranat, and Ten Nararak.
·         The sound design, ambience and effect is a masterpiece of Nakorn Kositpaisal the sound mastermind for a great number of Thai and international films and also winner of Asian Film Award from the movie Warlord starring Jet Li, Andy Lau and Takechi Kanechiro.
·         Another creative element that will bring the audiences closer to the ultimate experience of the historical scene and the depth of the emotions of each character is the multimedia design which is steered by a group of top talents including Anusorn Ratsamebunprotkul and SEVEN EIGHT UNITED; the team behind a famous Aroka the Musical.
·         Costume and props to perfectly illustrate each period of the show are in the hands of Niphon Thantiyothin from Dreambox whose costume design for Chang & Eng the Musical and Mae Nak the Musical can attest to his creative selection.

The Director’s Vision

In making and directing Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives, Director Ekachai Uekrongtham outlines three main elements that make the show unique. One, Thai boxing is a Thai culture that we all truly appreciate. Two, the spectacular act, the no-stunt job, real kicks and real jabs; all of these will be performed live. Lastly, the use of imagination; the art of play-making together with strong visual arts add a new dimension to the live show. Overall, the show is enjoyable and exciting for people of all ages and genders, both Thai and foreigners alike and for those who already love Thai boxing as well as those who come to experience Thai boxing for the first time. The storyline of Muay Thai Live is what sets it apart from any other show of its kind – if at all they exist. The show includes historical facts, legends, and anecdotes that account the stories of Thai heroes dating back to 300 years ago till the present days. Besides its historical merits, Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives presents the emotion and the spirit of each character in order to heighten the experience of the audiences; be it happiness, suffering, courage, sacrifice, love and loss.
Since there are no other shows like Muay Thai Live that exist in the world today, we are proud to say that our project is a pioneer in the field of Muay Thai. The beautifully-written script with its accurate historical depictions is, without a doubt, homage to the sport and a priceless cultural artifact to the current generation who may or may not be well-versed in the history of Muay Thai. Through this show we have been able to generate an incredible amount of awareness among locals and foreigners alike. The show has traveled to several countries namely Myanmar, France, Monaco, China, Poland, Greece, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, UAE, and Geneva, and has been requested currently in Russia, India, Holland, England, and Malaysia, proving that the influence of Muay Thai is far-reaching, and that Muay Thai Live: The Legend Lives has been creating waves internationally, spreading the rich history of this art form to the world.

Venue: The Stage, Asiatique

The Stage is a brand new, world-class theatre built for the show at Asiatique the Riverfront, Asia’s largest riverside outdoor lifestyle, dining experience, and al-fresco shopping complex. The Stage is also a multi-purpose venue that is ideal for conferences, seminars, and events.

Capacity: 600 seats (includes 269 premium seats and 331 standard seats).

Facilities/Services: Concession stands serving drinks and snacks, bar, and souvenir shop.

Address: 2194 Warehouse 4, Charoenkrung Road, Wat Prayakrai District Bangkor Laem, Bangkok 10120, Thailand.

Contact Information

Ticket reservation: + 66 (0)2-108-5999, +66 (0)2-108-5929/30 Email: reservation@muaythailives.com

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